About Ruckus

Ruckus Wireless™, have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing Smart Wi-Fi products and Smart Wireless LAN (WLAN) systems ever since 2004.
Ruckus are famous for their patented Smart Wi-Fi technology and its unique ability to support streaming multicast IP video over the 802.11 standard protocol. This adaptive antenna technology leverages high-gain directional array technology and rocket-science best path selection algorithms to form and direct Wi-Fi signals over the best performing paths to each and every client.
This technology enables delivery of longer range and more reliable Wi-Fi connections to client devices. Wi-Fi that reaches farther and is inherently more stable due to the adaptive nature and control of our technology. Smart Wi-Fi constantly steers signals around obstructions and obstacles, mitigates interference, and focuses RF energy ONLY where it’s needed to ensure unprecedented coverage and consistent performance at longer ranges. While other "Wi-Fi" companies focus on what happens to wireless users AFTER they are connected to the network, we focus first on getting users connected to the network reliably.

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